Douglas Schneider

After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree from Michigan State University in 1978, Doug left the cold weather of Michigan, and moved to Houston to pursue a career in fine art. While in Houston, he was represented by the prestigious Hooks-Epstein Galleries, had a one-person show at the University of Houston and was in numerous juried national and wide-regional shows.

In 1985 Doug discovered illustration and found that it was a better fit for a realistic artist. From his love of nature, Doug’s specialty has evolved into painting realistic watercolor illustrations of food and botanicals for packaging and advertising and is one of the premier artists in his field.  

In 1987 Doug moved to San Diego and has continued to be a member of The Society of Illustrators San Diego since 1990 and was on its Board of Directors during 1992 and 93.  He is also a member of Illustrator Partnership of America which is a group protecting the rights of illustrators and artists.

Doug has had a flourishing career for the last twenty years and is fortunate to have many happy, recurring clients.  For five years he did more than 70 packaging illustrations for St. Ive's products and over 50 packaging illustrations for Suave Naturals and Seasonals products.  Frito-Lay has used his illustrations on their packaging for Ruffle's Potato Chips, Rold Gold Pretzels, Tostitos Salsa, Grandma's Cookies, Chester’s Fries and Doritos Toppers.  Additional clients include Alberto VO5, Ambria Candles, Bath & Body Works, Best Foods, Bolthouse Farms, Clairol, Clorox, Continental Mills, Crystal Geyser Waters, Dial, Driscoll’s Berries, E & J Gallo, Ghirardelli, Good Seasonings, La Yogurt, Lever 2000 Soap, Mahatma/Carolina Rice, Marzetti, Shaklee, Smucker’s, Tree Ripe Juices, Tree Top Juices, Tribe Hummus, Victoria's Secret and Walmart.

In spring of 2001, he and his wife, Victoria, moved back to a home on Green Lake in northern Michigan, where they enjoy living in the beauty and peacefulness of nature.

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Images © Douglas Schneider


Lemon Branch
Lemon Branch 8” x 8.5” © 1998
Watercolor and colored pencil
This was used on packaging for Cool Off Lemonade
Kiwi 8” x 8.5” © 2002
Watercolor and colored pencil
This was used on packaging for
Suave Tropical Kiwi products.
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