Helen Campbell

I am a botanical artist living in one of the most beautiful parts of England, the Cotswolds. I have set out to capture in watercolour, the wonderful array of flowers and fruits that grow here.

Botanical illustration has been used for centuries to identify species of plants. However, I prefer a less scientific approach ...

I work entirely from photographs taken from the many trips made to country houses, orchards and occasionally neighbours' gardens! This makes it possible to capture all colour, light and shade in a moment, and faithfully reproduce it. As composition is so important, I have decided to leave it to Mother Nature!

Botanical art is something extremely special. Time and patience are paramount in producing every piece. Hopefully I have managed this.

Most of my work is life sized but occassionaly I work larger than life.

If there is a specific item you would like me to paint, please contact me via my website, link below.



Large Anemone, 35 x 25 cms, watercolor,
© 2013 Helen Campbell

Amaryllis, 35 x 25 cms, watercolor,
© 2013 Helen Campbell

Bearded Iris, 35 x 25 cms, watercolor,
© 2013 Helen Campbell

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