Joan Berg Victor

Born and raised in Chicago, and now a long-time resident of Manhattan, my urban existence has left me preternaturally sensitive on an organic level to my interactions with nature. Whether it is my colorful, dynamic oils of rock walls (Rocks Near Lake Michigan; Rock Wall After The Rain); or my landscapes (View From The Porch; View From The Ridge), still lifes (The Cranberry Glass; YellowWare Bowl With Apples), or botanical works (Four Hibiscus, Sunflower Study), I work painstakingly to build up the details of the complex compositions; maintaining a delicate balance of space where the darks of the foreground and background create the illusion of depth.

I frequently choose to leave part of a work uncolored, thus creating an experience that engages the viewer so that the full realization of the vividness of my subject matter is a cooperative, empathetic event that deepens the viewer’s awareness of the natural world. In a world that bombards us with repetitive and redundant messages, by coloring only part of a drawing I am providing the viewer with all the information they need to fill in the rest of the color depending on their unique experience and imagination.

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Sunflowers Too, watercolor, pen & ink,
31" x 15"© Joan Berg Victor, 2011

Ruffled Hibiscus, watercolor, 31" x 15"
© Joan Berg Victor, 2011
Four Hibiscus, watercolor,31" x 15"
© Joan Berg Victor, 2011
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