Katie E. MacGillivary

My studio business is a conglomeration of the things I am most impassioned about; gardening, nature and plants, art and ecology.

I enjoy the challenge of waking up a garden or sprucing up a flower bed that has been neglected and needs some encouragement. We are all connected to nature and my mission is to uphold, respect and maintain that connection by educating, maintaining or creating a positive and healthy ecological landscape for you and all of the life within nature.

When the season is winding down, I then cultivate my impassioned energy to producing art, especially art that is focused on capturing flora (botanical illustration). My goal with my art is to share my passion with others whom may appreciate it, to educate and bring awareness to how our natural world is evolving and bring to light what our roles are in our evolving natural world.

​Fortunate enough to spend my formative years surrounded by pristine forests and the rugged north Atlantic, I developed a love for all of nature's beauty at a young age. I also found my natural talent for art and painting (watercolor is my favorite medium, although colored pencils have become a favorite.) at a young age and was primarily self-taught through my high school years.
I went on to earn a degree in Graphic Design, but found Corporate America distasteful, as it pulled me away from my true passions: Gardening, plants, art and overall a simpler life. With the encouragement I received from reading, "Kiss off Corporate America", by Lisa Kivirist, www.InnSeredipity.com and listening to my intuition, I took the leap to self-employment (Plant Manager Studio) a conglomerate of landscaping, art (currently botanical illustration) and graphic design. In September of 2009, I received my certificate of study from the Denver Botanic Gardens Botanical Illustration Program. I am a recent (2012) graduate in the Native Plants and Ecology certificate program at the Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens in Boothbay, Maine.

For the past fourteen years I have been exploring life in Denver, Colorado. In 2011, I happily moved back in my native land of Maine.

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Turkey Tail Mushroom
Trametes versicolor, Turkey Tail Mushroom.
Colored Pencil,
© Katie E. MacGillivary 2013
Black Trumpet Mushroom
Craterellus fallax, Black Trumpet Mushroom
Colored Pencil on drafting film.
© Katie E. MacGillivary 2013
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