Liz Shippam

I am a botanical artist living in West Sussex, close to the beautiful South Downs. As a child I loved drawing, and especially painting, and after leaving school spent a year doing a preliminary course at Art College. However, having always wanted to travel I then set off to see the world, spending time first in Europe, and then a number of years in South East Asia.

In 2011, after several decades without picking up a paintbrush, I rediscovered my love of painting and began working in watercolour for the first time to produce botanical work. I find this immensely enjoyable and satisfying, and the detail and accuracy required are well matched to my way of painting. I also really appreciate the fact that the intense observation required for botanical painting has made me so much more aware of the beauty of the natural world.

You can see more of my work on


Figs 'Brown Turkey', © Liz Shippam, 2012

Grapes 'Madresfield Court'
© Liz Shippam, 2012
Common Holly
'Common Holly'
© Liz Shippam, 2011
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