Mindy Lighthipe

Artist's Statement:

Mindy Lighthipe is a fine artist specializing in watercolor with botanical and natural science themes. Her specialty is her ongoing series "Symbiosis" which shows the fragile relationship between insects and the plant world. She draws from life and uses her own photography as a reference to record specific details. Using a microscope she dissects and studies plant and insect specimens. The more she looks, the more she sees, the more she conveys to her viewers.

In March 2009, Mindy’s paintings were exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Society in London where she received a Silver Medal for her series Symbiosis.

“Mindy Lighthipe’s work is reminiscent of 18th century artists such as Catesby and Marie Sybilla Merian. Her insects are fantastic.” Royal Horticultural Society Jury Committee 2009

“True to life. Mindy Lighthipe’s paintings celebrate every detail of petal, leaf and wing.” Elisabeth Ginsberg, Horticulture Magazine 2007

In April 2010, Mother Monarch was released by Schiffer Publishing. The book is written and illustrated by Mindy. Mother Monarch: As open space and wildlife habitat shrink, this important children’s story book drives home the point that all life is interconnected and we need to leave plenty of room on the planet we share. Twenty-three beautiful watercolor illustrations and a clear and friendly text tell the story of the Monarch butterfly’s lifecycle, from the mother laying eggs to a hatching caterpillar, pupating into a chrysalis, and into a new generation and its amazing migration South. An important link is made with the host plant, the Common Milkweed. Useful tips for planting Milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies in backyard gardens are provided. This book will become a favorite for children and parents alike.

In the Fall of 2010 the McGuire Center Florida Museum of Natural History, (http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/exhibits/upcoming.htm) will present a one woman show, Symbiosis: Butterflies and Plants.

Mindy’s paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States and abroad, including the Royal Horticultural Society in London, Denver Museum of Natural History; the Bruce Museum and Greenwich Audubon Society in Greenwich, Connecticut; the Albany State Museum in Albany, New York; the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton; the New York Botanical Garden Gallery in the Bronx; the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown, New Jersey; the Thomas Center Mezzanine Gallery in Gainesville, Florida; the Katy Gingrass Gallery in Milwaukee; and the Aviarios del Caribe Galeria in Costa Rica. In addition, her work is in private, public and corporate collections including those of the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge, New Jersey; the North Carolina Aquarium in Kure Beach; and the Cyanamid Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey.

Mindy opened her school in 2004. Studio 16 is located at 16 Old Stirling Rd, in Warren, NJ. The school offers quality art instruction in an intimate setting. The school provides a forum for artists to meet, share, and work together in a supportive and nurturing environment. Core classes are offered in drawing and painting in graphite, colored pencil and watercolor. A variety of specialty workshops are available in digital photography, pastels, botanical illustration, wildlife, bookmaking and collage.



Atala Butterfly on Coontie Watercolor
Atala Butterfly on Coontie Watercolor
© 2010 - Mindy Lighthipe 20" x 28"
Harbingers of Spring
Harbingers of Spring Watercolor
© 2010- Mindy Lighthipe 18" x 24"


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