Tullia Price


I am illustrator specializing particularly in botanical art and a graduate of the unique course offered at the University of Newcastle, Bachelor of Natural History Illustration. At the age of 22, born and bred in Australia, I have been influenced by the allure and magnificence of the Australian landscape whilst my style has been shaped and influenced by rewarding trips to Japan, the USA and Germany.

I am inspired by the beauty of native Australian wildflowers and the opportunity they allow for creative design. I find the artistic, scientific and inventive values of Australian plants very valuable to all aspects of my artwork.

One of my major interests is using natural elements for repetitive patterns. My creativity has inspired me to take both native and exotic plants and create contemporary patterned designs that could be used for gift-wrap, textiles or wallpaper.

My published work includes “Wildflowers of the Australian Reptile Park”, a large illustrated sign mounted alongside the mint-bush walk in the Australian Reptile Park. I have also completed a number of illustrations for Mt Penang Gardens including
“The lifecycle of Protea neriifolia and cynaroides”.

I have been awarded a “Margaret Senior Wildlife Illustration Participant Award” and an “Australian Entomological Society Prize”.

I work mostly with watercolour; however I am competent and enjoy using a variety of mediums including pen and ink, pastel, pencil and gouache.

I am available for requests of commissioned work and I have a portfolio of artwork available for sale.
For more information please contact:

"Look to nature for true beauty".

Tullia Price


Banksia-ericifolia © Tullia Price, 2006
Hovea-lanceolata © Tullia Price, 2006
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