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An upgrade to the "free" 1 page plan is now avaible.

For a one-time fee of $75.00 you can show up-to 12 images, with bigger enlargements appearing in an 'overlay' slideshow interface.

Members with this plan will also have preferred placement of their thumbnail link on the home page.
It will be located in the top few rows, and immediately visible on most screens.
Thumbnails falling further down the page may not be seen unless the viewer scrolls down.

For an example, please visit
Estelle DeRidder's page.

If you would like to add your name to the waiting list,
please email
the webmaster.

For art to be accepted it has to be painted in a traditional, realistic and "botanically correct" style. Works created with a more impressionistic feel may not be considered at the current time.


This website is dedicated to giving individual artists exposure on the internet, and has been totally free for a one-page presence. However, maintaining and managing this website requires ongoing expenses. With an increasing number of talented artists requesting membership, it is becoming harder to offer this service for free.

By joining you can show your work and promote your web site to potential buyers all over the world.

This site has a steady stream of visitors, including fine art buyers, such as publishers, decorators, galleries, botanists, etc. It ranks high with the search engines, usually appearing within the top ten results for the keywords "Botanical Artists". We are also linked with a variety of other art sites, increasing our exposure.

Viewers can browse through the different styles of contemporary botanical artists - visiting each artist's own "home page", and when they wish to purchase, they contact the artist directly. The organization does not charge any sales commission.

To apply please send a sample image of your work, and/or a link to an existing web site. If the work is accepted, you may submit two images (no wider than 300px, jpg format) a bio/statement and any contact information you would like to include. A thumbnail from one of the images will be created for the home page link.

The gallery now has over 60 members. As this website evolves and more talented artist's apply, there will come a time in the near future when too many thumbnails on the home page lessen the visual impact of individual artists' work.

A custom fee-based gallery option is now available, which offers the artists additional space to show multiple images and/or galleries. This also ensures their thumbnails get preffered placement towards the top, on the home page. The one-time fee is $75.00. Contact the webmaster for more information.

Art shown on this site must be created by the artist, who owns sole copyright. As this is primarily a showcase for botanical art we reserve the right to refuse art work not of a botanical nature.


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